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Discover Nature and live the Adventure in the Fizes Basin
Lacul Știucilor

Pike Lake (Sacalaia or Sic) is the best known wetland in the Fizeş area due to several distinct characteristics: it is only natural lake in Transylvania not modified for fish farming, is the deepest (7 m) freshwater natural lake in Transylvania, and the largest in Fizeş Basin area

(26 ha water, plus about 131 hectares of reed) and is the only lake in Transylvania which forms islet (floating reed islands), as in the Danube Delta. The lake has been formed on a salt deposit, and the lake is fed by four creeks: Pârtoţ, Sănăşele, Arnita and Sacalaia.

The lake is an important stopover during migration for many bird species and a nesting place for more than 20 species of water birds. In the like there are about 15 species of fish, including the pike (Esox lucius), species which gives the name of the lake.

Pike Lake pike is a Nature Reserve since 1966, and subsequently the reservation area has been extended to 140 ha by Decision no. 147 / 11.15.1994, but only at the county level, while at national level the protected area remained 26 ha (Law 5/2000), until 2004 when a 140 hectares have been designated as protected.

Pike Lake Nature Reserve is located in the northeastern part of Cluj County, about 50 km from Cluj-Napoca, west of the village Sacalaia and can be reached by County Road 109D, from either Gherla or Sic.