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Discover Nature and live the Adventure in the Fizes Basin
Pădurea Ciuașului

Ciuaşului Forest is a special protection area since 2005, designated by H. G. 1581/2005. It has an area of 3 ha, and the main purpose is to preserve the largest mixed colony of Black-crowned night herons (Nycticorax nyctricorax) and Gray herons (Ardea cinerea) in Transylvania.

Valea Legiilor

Legii Valley Nature Reserve was established to protect waterbirds during nesting and also during migration.  The area originally proposed for protection (1966) included 8 hectares of water surface, swamps, about 40 hectares of reed beds, meadows, old willow trees along the valley and a small woodland area, the nesting site for the Purple heron (Ardea purpurea)

Stufărişurile de la Sic

The nature reserve comprises a reedbed, salty steppe grasslands, meadows and woodlands, forming a mosaic of ecosystems that supports a particular biodiversity. The compact reedbed covering the Sic and Coasta valleys is the largest reedbed in Romania, besides the Danube Delta,

Lacul Știucilor

Pike Lake (Sacalaia or Sic) is the best known wetland in the Fizeş area due to several distinct characteristics: it is only natural lake in Transylvania not modified for fish farming, is the deepest (7 m) freshwater natural lake in Transylvania, and the largest in Fizeş Basin area