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Discover Nature and live the Adventure in the Fizes Basin

Bombina variegata - Yellow-bellied toad. Small amphibian small, with stocky and flattened body. Dorsally gray and ventrally predominantly yellow with gray spots. Aquatic species,  is present in the area in temporary pools, ditches, traces of vehicles filled with water, wetlands and lakes. Population size of the species in the Natura 2000 site ROSCI0099 is estimated at 200-500 individuals.

Bombina bombina - Red-bellied toad. As the name indicates, stains on the ventral side are red. The species is widespread in ROSCI0099. Population size estimated at 100-300 individuals.

Bombina bombina x variegata. Hybrid between two species of toads (Yellow-bellied and Red-bellied toad) that appears naturally, where the populations of the two species come in contact. Hybrids can be found around the Pike Lake, at Sic Reedbeds and Legii valley.

Triturus cristatus - Great crested newt. It is the largest species of newt in our country. 

Triturus vulgaris ampelensis - Smooth newt.

Hyla arborea - European tree frog. 

Pelobates fuscus Common spadefoot. 

Bufo bufo - Common toad. 

Bufo viridis European green toad.

Rana dalmatina - Agile frog. 

Rana ridibunda Marsh frog.