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Discover Nature and live the Adventure in the Fizes Basin

Bánffy Castle - Bonţida. It is the largest castle in Transylvania. The construction dates back to 1652, and the ensemble is composed of a main body, two side bodies and the castle stables. The core complex is Renaissance style, further enlargements (1750-1850) were made in baroque, romantic, respectively. In 1944, Bánffys was evacuated by German troops, who used the castle as a hospital, and when they retreated they set in on fire causing great damage. In communist-era, the castle was used by the agriculture administration, and the trees in the park were cut for firewood. In 1990, when it was declared a historical monument, the castle was in ruins. Renovation began in 1999 under the patronage of Prince Charles of Great Britain. Bonţida no. 152-154. 

Béldy mansion - Geaca. Built in 1880 in neo-classical style with elements of popular architecture, is located in the village centre on a hill, and surrounded by a grove of chestnut trees. The castle belonged to the family Béldy established in the area in the nineteenth century. The castle is included in the list of historical monuments in Cluj, but nowadays is a ruin. The building was claimed by family descendants Counts Béldy. Geaca no. 364.

Castle Wass - Taga was built in the eighteenth century in the Transylvanian Baroque style and was originally composed of the main building, rectangular, which is still standing today and three pavilions, completely destroyed. The building is today degraded, partially inhabited, included in the list of historical monuments in Cluj County. Taga no. 139.

Kemeny mansion - Jucu de Sus. The mansion was built in the nineteenth century in the shape of the L letter. It is included in the list of historical monuments in Cluj. Jucu de Sus no. 463-464.

Dujardin mansion - Coasta. It was built in the eighteenth century. It appears in the list of historical monuments in Cluj and is currently derelict. Coasta No. 120.

Monumental ensemble "Of-signs to the sky, rain and rainbow" - Tauseni. The monument, situated on a steep hill that separates in two Tauseni village, was built by artist Alexander Chira, and consists of a set of 16 large and colorful elements, arranged as an initiatic path. Construction began in 1994 and the last one, "bird's eye" was set in 2013. Bontida, Tausen village.

Village House (Faluhaz) - Lacu is an old farmhouse with porch, which has been set a museum, containing furniture, painted trunks and household items, all donated by villagers. Lacu no. 129.